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Legal FAQ

Karl Strimbold of Strimbold Law Office understands you may have questions about the services offered by the firm. A comprehensive FAQ below has addressed anticipated questions. However, if the FAQ can’t answer your question, please be sure to call or schedule a consultation.

Q: Does your office provide free consultations or do pro bono work?
A: Our office does not offer free consultations. Office attendances are billed at our regular hourly rate. Likewise, we do not take on files pro bono. However, our office does take on a number of files through Legal Aid when offered, and the agent is the local Legal Aid agent.

Q: Where can I find out more information on topics like custody, access, support and division of property in British Columbia?
A: The Legal Services Society of BC has put together a helpful website dedicated to numerous aspects of law. Be advised that our office is not affiliated with this website, and we are not responsible for the correctness of the content found there.

Q: Does your office conduct telephone consultations?
A: We generally do not do telephone consultations unless they are for a pre-existing client.